Release Notes & Updates

We periodically update the Vilo firmware and apps to improve the user experience. 


Learn more about how to update a device's firmware by clicking here.

Firmware Version (October 26, 2021) 

  • Improved firmware upgrade experience 
  • Added speed test feature for ISPs

Firmware Version (October 12, 2021) 

  • Fixed bugs for usage reporting

Firmware Version (September 15, 2021) 

  • Improved log submissions
  • Improved data usage reporting for connected devices
  • Disabled outbound ping for internet connection detection 
  • Performance and speed improvements 
  • Improved PPPoE setup process
  • Improved firmware upgrade process 
  • Improved Diagnostic Log Reporting
  • Fixed bugs for Wi-Fi channels

Firmware Version (July 8, 2021)

  • Optimized data uploads from connected devices
  • Improved log submission process
  • Improved process to add sub-Vilos
  • Improved firmware upgrade process
  • Added guest Wi-Fi duration option
  • Fixed bugs for Wi-Fi password change 

Vilo firmware was originally released in v. 



Learn more about updating your Vilo app by clicking here

iOS App Version History 

1.0.58 (October 29, 2021)

  • Improved QR code scanning during system setup
  • Fixed diagnostic log reporting UI bugs 

1.0.53 (October 6, 2021)

  • Account page updates
  • Password verification logic updates


  • Enabled log submission when users haven't completed network setup 
  • Fixed bugs for Wi-Fi signal strength display


  • Improved process to add Vilos to user accounts
  • Fixed bugs for log submission form 
  • Improved local log submission 


  • Optimized experience and fixed bugs 


  • Optimized experience and fixed bugs 

1.0.20 (Original release version)


Android App Version History 

1.0.57 (October 26, 2021)

  • Password verification logic updates
  • Fixed data usage reporting bugs


  • Fixed bugs and improved user experience


  • Improved process to add sub-Vilos 
  • Fixed bugs for offline devices display
  • Improved log submissions
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