How To Assign a Network to A Customer in the Vilo App

REMINDER: You must be logged into the Vilo App with the same ISP Account you are using in the Web Portal in order to assign Wi-Fi Networks. This can only be done in the Vilo App at this time.


Step 1: Select the Vilo Network under “My Networks”


Step 2: Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner to access the settings page


Step 3: Select “Assign Wi-Fi Network”



Step 4: Enter the customer’s information and tap “OK”



Your customer will receive an email with a temporary password. This will allow them to use their own email and temporary password to sign into the Vilo app on their phone to manage their network.

Reminder: once the network has been assigned to a customer, you will only be able to manage the network from the ISP Web Portal as long as the Vilos have been scanned into the Vilo Inventory. 

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