Known Bugs

Open Issues

Issue Product Status Workaround
Time zone in ISP Portal is not accurate ISP Portal In progress  
Automatic firmware upgrades do not apply

ISP Portal

Android/iOS app 

In progress Manually upgrade firmware
Network setup failure Android app In progress Hard reset the router and re-set up again
Device re-connection (The device loses connectivity and then fails to re-connect again to the network)  WiFi 5 In progress Power cycle your connected device
Roaming Issue (Connected devices do not connect to the nearest router)  WiFi 5 In progress Separate the sub-Vilo and main Vilo at least 20 feet apart. Disconnect and then reconnect the device again. 
SIP ALG functionality is reversed. ISP Portal In progress  


Resolved Issues

Issue Product Status

Uptime is inaccurate

ISP Portal Fixed (ISP Portal 1.3.133)

Network not appearing in on Wi-Fi Networks page

ISP Portal  Fixed 
Custom ID Not Saving ISP Portal Fixed
Connected sub-Vilos do not show up in Vilo app or ISP portal

Android & iOS app

ISP Portal



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