Vilo Go to Market Kit


Vilo's Go To Market Kit contains free marketing materials for ISPs. From Vilo logos and product images to subscriber handouts and how-to videos, ISPs can incorporate these materials in all their promotional materials and websites. (Reminder: please use Google Chrome when clicking on the hyperlinks below.)

What's in the Go To Market Kit?

  • Media Kit for ISPs
    • In this folder, ISPs have access to every Vilo media file they can ask for, whether it's product photos, lifestyle images, or logo files. This folder's got everything you need to market Vilo to your subscribers.
  • Subscriber Handouts
    • We know some subscribers are more tech-savvy than others. We put together some shareable and printable handouts to help your subscribers get the most out of their Vilo networks. You'll also find the "What you can do with the Vilo App" video file here.
  • Bark Materials for ISPs
    • For our US-based ISPs, our Vilo mesh Wi-Fi units are integrated with Bark In-Home parental controls and we want to help you help your subscribers set up and use this value-added feature! In this folder, ISPs not only have access to Bark marketing assets but also several tutorial videos for their subscribers.

Have a specific marketing request? Let's work together!

If you need any additional marketing materials or have any collaboration ideas, feel free to reach out directly to Bo, our Content Manager, at 

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