Vilo Hardware Features

Your Vilo has several features that are important to the function of your network, here's what they are and the function they serve:

The mesh button 

  • This is the round button on the front of each Vilo. When you add a Vilo from a different package to an existing Vilo network, you'll need to press the mesh button to connect the sub-Vilo to the main Vilo.   

The port labeled “WAN/LAN” 

  • This is the first port above the power port on the back of each Vilo. When connecting your main Vilo to your modem, insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the “WAN/LAN” port on the main Vilo and the other end to the modem. 

The ports labeled “LAN” 

  • When you have devices that you want to connect to Vilo via an Ethernet cable, plug one end of the Ethernet cable into one of the “LAN” ports on your Vilo and the other end into your device.

The Reset Button 

  • The reset button is the small button above the "LAN" ports on the back of each Vilo. This button is used to restore the Vilo to its factory settings. See this guide on how to factory reset your Vilos. 


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