Does Vilo support IPv6? 

Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System (Wi-Fi 5) supports only IPv4. 

Vilo 6 Mesh Wi-Fi System (Wi-Fi 6) supports both IPv4 and IPv6. 

How does IPv6 work with the Vilo 6?  

  • Supports accepting the IPv6 from the upstreaming server. For the setup process, if the ISP provides both IPv4 and IPv6, Vilo 6 automatically uses an IPv4 internet connection to complete the setup. 
  • Supports assigning the IPv6 to a connected device in the Vilo network. The connected device can reach out to the web server via IPv6. 
  • Supports displaying the full IPv6 address on the Vilo ISP Portal and the Vilo App.  
    • IPv6 can be found in the Vilo ISP Portal on the Wi-Fi Networks Page, the Vilos page, and the Devices page.  
    • IPv6 can be found in the Vilo App by clicking on the individual Vilo page and the individual device page in the IP address section.  (The format of an IPv6 address is different from IPv4.)
      • Tip: if your ISP supports both IPv4 and IPv6, once you click into the IP Address field, you will see sections for both IPv6 and IPv4. 
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