Vilo Bug Bounty Program Terms and Conditions

The Vilo Bug Bounty Program goes into effect on July 5th, 2022. Any bugs reported prior to this date are not eligible to receive a price. 

The Vilo Bug Bounty Program is only for users currently enrolled in the Vilo Living Beta Testing program who have a signed NDA on file.

Each user can claim multiple bugs, but multiple users cannot claim one bug. Submitted bugs that have already been reported by another user are not eligible for the prize.

App, firmware, & portal (Beta versions) are the only areas of scope, bugs found outside the beta versions of the Vilo App, Firmware or portal are not eligible for the Bug Bounty Program. 

Bugs submitted will be evaluated by the team to determine the type of bug and which prize is to be awarded. Once the bug has been confirmed and evaluated the user will be informed of which prize they will be receiving and the necessary data needed to give that prize will be requested. Prizes will be sent within 7 business days of this information being received. Swag prizes are only available to hunters within the United States. 

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