How to factory reset my Vilo

There are two ways that you can factory reset your Vilo:

1. Through the App 

  • From the home page click into your Vilo Network 
  • Press the "Vilos" button
  • Select the Vilo you want to reset 
  • Press the "Restore to Factory Settings" button 
  • Once the Vilo has been restored it will be deleted from your network

2. On Your Vilo 

  • Chose the Vilo you want to reset, do not do a factory reset when the Vilo has just powered on, please wait a few minutes for the device to be fully back online. 
  • Using a paperclip, pin, or thumbtack, press and hold the reset button on the back of your Vilo 
  • Press and hold the button for 6 seconds.  
  • The light on the front of the Vilo will flash red, as soon as it is flashing release the button. If the light does not flash red please continue to hold the reset button for up to 20 seconds. This will force a reset even the light does not change. 
  • Once it has flashed red the Vilo will restore to factory settings and will be removed from any networks it was on. 
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