How do I optimize my Wi-Fi network and improve my Internet speed?

Optimizing your Wi-Fi network ensures that your Vilos are working at their best! Scheduling regular restarts is one way to ensure your Vilos are working at peak performance. Another great way is to use our "Optimize Wi-Fi" feature, which will select the best Wi-Fi channel for your Vilo to move to. Follow the instructions below to do so:

  • Login to the Vilo App
  • Tap into your Vilo Network
  • Tap on the System Dashboard
  • Scroll to Wi-Fi Interference
  • Tap the button “Optimize Wi-Fi” 

Reminder: the default channel for the 5 GHz band - if there is not a certain level of interference detected - is 5180 MHz (or channel 36) with a channel size of 80 MHz due to the meshing requirements.

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