Setting up your Wi-Fi Printer with Vilo

To connect your Wi-Fi printer to your Vilo network simply select your Vilo network in your printers Wi-Fi settings. Most Wi-Fi enabled printers will allow you to connect to a new network using this process.

Some models of printers, however, have a static IP address which means they will connect to the Vilo network but may not work properly. To see if this is happening go into your Vilo app, click on the "Devices" tab, and then click into the printer, if the device's IP address shows then most likely, the connected device uses a static IP that cannot connect to the Vilo network automatically.

If this is the case we suggest you change the DHCP settings of the printer (see your printers user manual to do this.) Once the settings have been changed, reboot the printer and you should be able to connect to your Vilo network. 

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