System Dashboard Guide

The System Dashboard provides information related to your network and Vilos. 

How to Find the System Dashboard 

  • On the home page, click on your Wi-Fi network, you will then see a round orange button that says, “System Dashboard.” In this section, you will see data on your current Wi-Fi network.  

What does the System Dashboard show me? 

The System Dashboard shows a slew of system statuses including the following metrics: 

  • Firmware 
    • The first section of the System Dashboard will show you your Firmware version. If a new version of the firmware is available, we strongly recommend updating it. You need to update your firmware to improve the performance of your current Wi-Fi network. 
  • Regular Restarts  
    • This allows you to schedule a restart on your WIFI network. Please refer to - Restart Wi-Fi Guide, for more details 
  • Band Steering 
    • If band steering is toggled on, Vilo will automatically connect your device to 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz to optimize performance.  
    • If band steering is toggled off, the current Wi-Fi network will split into two Wi-Fi networks. One is 2.4 GHz only, the other is 5 GHz only and they share the same password. WIFI settings on your phone will show two WIFI networks accordingly. You can also choose to hide either or both networks by toggling on “Hide Wi-Fi” on this page.  
  • WI-FI Password Security  
    • This shows if the password of your current Wi-Fi network is secure enough. 
  • WI-FI Encryption  
    • You have 3 options: WPA2, WPA/WPA2 and No Encryption. The most secure encryption setting, WPA2, is strongly recommended unless you have an older device that does not support WPA2.  
  • WI-FI Signal Strength  
    • There are 3 signal strength options. We strongly recommend the High setting.  
  • WI-FI Interference  
    • Click on the WI-FI Quality page, here you can optimize the Wi-Fi channel so interference on channels is reduced and thus the internet speed will be improved. Reminder: The default channel for the 5 GHz band - if there is not a certain level of interference detected - is 5180 MHz (or channel 36) with a channel size of 80 MHz due to the meshing requirements.
  • Vilo Signal Strength 
    • This diagram represents the location of the physical Vilos. The light on each Vilo reflects the status. You can click into each Vilo, here you will see the signal status of each Vilo throughout your home. 
  • Device Signal Strength 
    • This section shows how many devices are connected to your current Wi-Fi network and the connection status of each device. Click on the Devices pages to see the details for each device.  
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