How to Use Parental Controls

Vilo has officially partnered with Bark to bring the Bark In-Home Parental Controls free to Vilo users, including regular customers and ISP subscribers. At this time, this is only available to Vilo users in the US, South Africa & Australia. If you are outside the US, South Africa, or Australia, you can continue using Vilo Parental Controls.

The Parental Controls feature of the app provides users with various tools that allow them to manage internet downtime and block harmful sites for connected devices. Keeping your family safe while connected. 

On the Parental Controls page, there is a list of connected devices you can choose from. You can also add a new connected device by clicking the “Add Device” button at the bottom of the page.  

When you click into an individual device you will see the following settings:  

  • Allow Internet AccessThis grants access to the selected device.
  • Schedule Off Time - Allows users to schedule one or multiple periods of time when the device will have no internet access. Select the “Add a Schedule” button. Here you can modify the start time, end time, and repeat the schedule. Modification will not take effect until the OK button is clicked.  The delete button at the bottom of the page will delete the scheduled off time.  

In the Blocked Website section, you can block harmful websites by clicking “Add a URL”. This section is not case-sensitive. 

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