In App Vilo features

The Vilo App comes with lots of features that help you manage your home network with the click of a button! Here are the in-app features:

Check Vilo Status

  • On the homepage, click the “Vilos” tab, you will then be directed to the “My Vilos” page. 
  • On the top right corner of the “My Vilos” page, click the small “i” icon, here you will see the indicator light guide. You can check the guide to see what the status of your Vilo is. 
  • Indicator Light On/Off
    • When the indicator light is switched to “off”, the light on this Vilo will be turned off and the status of the Vilo will not be shown.

Vilo Information

  • All the Vilos connected to your current WI-FI network are listed on this page, when you click on each Vilo you will see if it is the Main Vilo or Sub-Vilo as well as more details on each Vilo
  • You can change the name of each Vilo by clicking the edit sign in the top right corner of the page. 


  • This section will indicate the actual number of devices that are connected to the current Vilo. 


  • This indicates how this Vilo is connected to the Wi-Fi network. Usually, the main Vilo is wired in and any sub-Vilos are wireless.  

Parent Node 

  • This indicates the name of the Main Vilo that the Sub-Vilo is connected to. For the Main Vilo, it is the internet, and for Sub-Vilos, it is the Main Vilo. 

IP Address 

  • This indicates the assigned IP address of the current Vilo 
  • For Vilo 6 users, the IPv4 address will be displayed next to IP Address. If you click on the IP Address page, you will see a breakdown of the IPv4 address and the IPv6 address if both are provided by the ISP.

MAC Address

  • This indicates the MAC address of the current Vilo which can also be seen at the bottom of the physical Vilo device.  

Restore To Factory Settings

  • This will restore the current Vilo to factory settings. Here is more information on factory settings. 

Delete This Vilo 

  • This will remove the current Vilo from the Wi-Fi network and also restore this Vilo to factory settings.  

Advanced Settings

  • WAN Settings - DHCP, Static IP, and PPoE
  • LAN Settings - Configure how your Wi-Fi network assigns IP addresses to connected devices
  • DHCP Reservations - Assign the same IP address to a specific device
  • Port Forwarding - Enables a device in the LAN to provide a public port
  • Hardware NAT - The Hardware NAT is a way to accelerate NAT routing functions with hardware so that the CPU does not have to process the bulk of the routed traffic, which increases the max speed and improves the internet connection performance. This will disabled Usage Report. 
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