Guest Wi-Fi

The Guest WI-FI feature allows users to create and manage a separate Wi-Fi network with a different SSID and password so they can share it with their guests. A guest network cannot be enabled without a password. Reminder: if you have Bark In-Home Parental Controls enabled, Guest Wi-Fi will not work.

On the Guest Wi-Fi page, toggle Guest Wi-Fi on, and you will see the following options: 

  • Wi-Fi Name -Click on Wi-Fi Name and modify the name of this Wi-Fi network. 
  • Wi-Fi Password - Click on Wi-Fi Password and you can modify the password of this Wi-Fi network.
  • Duration is set to forever by default, or you can change it to one of the listed options. The guest Wi-Fi network will be automatically removed after the specified time.


Or watch this quick video on how to set up Guest Wi-Fi.

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