Does Vilo Support Ethernet Backhaul (Can I connect two Vilos in the same network with an Ethernet cable)?  

Yes! Each Vilo has 3-gigabit ports (2 available on the Main Vilo as 1 is taken for connecting to the modem) that allow for Ethernet backhaul. 

  • We generally recommend you either do all wired or all wireless, not a mix of wired/wireless when setting up Ethernet backhaul. 
  • If you purchased multiple Vilo 1-packs that have not been wirelessly configured, you can reliably connect via Ethernet backhaul using the LAN port.
  • If the Vilos you'd like to backhaul were previously set up to mesh wirelessly (Even if from different 3-packs or 2-packs) you will still need to break the mesh before reliably backhauling the routers. Vilos from a different package (but were used previously in a mesh) will need to be factory reset before backhauling. Do not set these up as a mesh network. 
  • If you own a Vilo 3-pack, the 3 units have already been pre-configured to wirelessly connect with each other. The same goes for if you have added a Vilo from a different package to an existing network. To avoid performance issues, please implement the following workaround solution (If you own a 2-pack of our Vilo 6 model (Wi-Fi 6) then the instructions below will still apply):

Workaround Solution for 3-Packs or 2-Packs (Vilos that came together in the same pack)

Follow the instructions in the Vilo app to set up your main Vilo and add all sub-Vilos to the network, like you normally would. 

Tip: If you are an ISP, you can use the separate pre-mesh feature in the portal to prepare the 3-pack for ethernet backhaul prior to installation at a customer's home. You can find more information here

  1. Navigate to the detail page of each sub-Vilo and hit the "Delete This Vilo" button. This will remove the sub-Vilos from the Wi-Fi network and reset them to factory settings. 
  2. When the indicator light on your sub Vilos turns solid amber (this may take 1-2 minutes), your Vilo devices are ready for Ethernet backhaul.
  3. Here are recommended configurations for 3 Vilos:
    1. Sub Vilo 1 -->Ethernet--->Sub Vilo 2 --->Ethernet--->Main Vilo
    2. Sub Vilo 1 -->Ethernet--->Main Vilo |  Sub Vilo 2 --->Ethernet--->Main Vilo

Reminder: Make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged into one of the two LAN ports on the sub-Vilo. If you accidentally plug the Ethernet cable into the WAN/LAN port on a sub-Vilo, you may see some abnormal behaviors on the network such as Vilos appearing offline. At this point, the sub-Vilo(s) need to be factory reset to function normally again. After factory resetting the sub-Vilo(s), plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN port, and you should see the sub-Vilo(s) appear on the Vilo app as an additional Vilo in the network while displaying a solid blue light (white for Vilo 6).


Using an Ethernet Switch with Vilo 

  • Recommended scenario : Switch -— -> Main Vilo -— -> Sub Vilo -— -> Sub Vilo 
  • When using the scenario: Main Vilo -— -> Switch -— -> Sub Vilo -— -> Sub Vilo, devices connected via ethernet will appear offline in the Vilo app when a Switch is used in the middle of the connection. However, connected devices can still connect to and use the Vilo network.
  • Reminder: We generally recommend you either do all wired or all wireless, not a mix of wired/wireless when using a switch with Vilo.

We are working on a solution that will allow the Switch to be connected between the Main Vilo and Subs while also displaying device information in the app.

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