How To Schedule Regular Restarts

Scheduling regular restarts is a great way to keep your Vilo networks optimized.  This can be done in the Vilo ISP Portal and the Vilo App. 

How to Schedule Regular Restarts in the Vilo ISP Portal

  1. Log into the Vilo ISP Portal with your ISP account. 
  2. From the Wi-Fi Networks page, click on the “view” button next to the Vilo network. 
  3. Select the “Schedule Regular Restarts” tab.
  4. From this page, you can toggle the switch next to “Schedule Regular Restarts”. This will optimize the Wi-Fi performance and all Vilos will restart at the same time.
  5. Chose a restart time under the “Restart Time” section and the days of the week that you’d like this to occur under the “Repeat” section. 
  6. Select “OK” to save.


How to Schedule Regular Restarts From the Vilo App

  1. Log into the Vilo App with your ISP account. (Customers who have been granted permission to manage their networks via the app can also do this with their own accounts)
  2. Tap on the Vilo network and go to the “System Dashboard” page. 
  3. Select “Regular Restarts” (It should say “not scheduled” by default)
  4. Toggle the switch under “Schedule Regular Restarts.” 
  5. Once the feature is toggled on, you will have the option to select the restart time and the day(s) of the week you’d like this to occur. 


While scheduling regular restarts is not required, we suggest utilizing this feature at least once or twice or week to keep your networks optimized. We recommend scheduling at a time when your customers are less likely to be impacted, such as 2-3 AM.

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