How to Customize Columns in the Vilo ISP Portal

Customizing columns in the Vilo ISP Portal is a great way for ISP Accounts to focus on the information they specifically need. There are a total of 17 different columns that can be rearranged under the Column Display section of the Customize Columns window. You can also uncheck the box for a specific column if it is not applicable to your daily workflow.

Columns that can be customized:

  • ISP App Account
  • Subscriber App Account
  • Subscriber ID
  • Network
  • Custom ID (this feature has been replaced by Subscriber ID, however, Custom ID still appears as a column for ISPs who were using it before the change to our Subscriber logic)
  • Network Status
  • Installer
  • Wi-Fi Standard
  • Allow Internet Access
  • Uptime
  • IPv6 Address
  • Vilo Status (Online/Offline)
  • Device (Online/Offline)
  • Public IP Address
  • WAN IP Address
  • Firmware Version
  • Time Created

How to customize columns in the Vilo ISP Portal:

  1. Sign in to the Vilo ISP Portal:
  2. From the Wi-Fi networks page, click on “Customize Columns” next to the word “Action(This will be to the far right of the page, under the “Bulk Actions” feature. If you’re on a laptop, you may need to scroll to the right depending on the size of your screen).
  3. The Customize Columns box will appear with a section for “Column Display” on the left side (this is for rearranging the columns as you see fit). Checked boxes indicate which columns will be visible. You can also reset the columns to default by selecting the “Reset” option.


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