How to Update Firmware in the ISP Portal

How to Manually Update Firmware vs. Turning on Automatic Firmware Upgrades

Under the "Firmware Upgrade" tab you can push an upgrade manually in real-time or can set automatic or scheduled upgrades. 

If you turn on automated firmware upgrade, you will not need to manually upgrade firmware after every new release. The routers will automatically upgrade to the latest firmware sometime during 2-5 AM customer local time Tuesday through Thursday, depending on our network load.  

How To Schedule A Future Upgrade 

Under the "Firmware Upgrade" tab you can select "Schedule a Future Upgrade"



You can select the time and day that you want the firmware upgrade to occur. You can only schedule 5 days into the future. This is a one-time event, once the firmware has been upgraded this feature will turn off and will need to be turned back on when needed.  Screen_Shot_2022-03-28_at_11.24.53_PM.png

How-To Videos

How to Manually Upgrade Firmware in the ISP Web Portal

How to set up Automatic Firmware Upgrades vs. Schedule Future Upgrades 


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