How to Create & Search for a Custom ID in the ISP Portal

How To Create A Custom ID:  

  1. In the Wi-Fi networks page, for the corresponding network: select the pencil located under the “Custom ID” column. If you do not see the column, please check "Customize Columns" to make sure Custom ID is selected.
  2. In the box that appears, enter the desired Custom ID for the network (max characters: 35) and select OK to save changes 
  3. The Custom ID will appear to the left of the Network (SSID) name on the Wi-Fi networks page (you may need to customize your columns if it does not appear here by default. This option is located next to the word “Action.” 

How to search for a Custom ID 

  • You can search for a Custom ID from the Wi-Fi Networks Page in the “Custom ID” field 


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