How to Manually Select DHCP, PPPoE or Static IP During Initial Setup (Wi-Fi 6)

Network configurations will be detected automatically when installing networks using the Vilo Living App. You will also have the option to manually select the network configuration (DHCP, PPPoE, or Static IP) during the initial setup from the Vilo Living App. Please ensure your app is on version 1.0.169 for iOS & 1.0.177 for Android. This is only available for Vilo 6 (Wi-Fi 6) at this time. 

  1. Log into the Vilo App with your ISP Account.
  2. Tap “Add Vilo” if it’s your first time installing a network. If you’ve installed networks already, then tap on the “+” sign to add a new network.
  3. Go through the initial setup until you arrive at the “Detection Successful” page (this will be after activating the Wi-Fi network and adding it to your account) where the detected configuration will be shown.
    • (DHCP or PPPoE will be detected automatically depending on the configuration, as shown by their respective Detection Successful pages. Static IP configurations will display the No Broadband Connection Detected page, allowing you to continue with the Static IP setup process)
  4. Select “Manual Configuration” if necessary. 
  5. From here you can select DHCP, PPPoE, or Static IP Access.
  6. You will see the network activation progress bar, followed by a “Success” confirmation. You can choose to input Subscriber information(or skip) and edit the SSID & password to complete the installation. 
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