How to Give Subscribers or Technicians Permission to Manage A Network

In the Vilo App, you can only assign a network to a subscriber during the initial setup process when you arrive at the Subscriber Settings page. If the subscriber has already been created in the portal, you can give them permission to manage a network from the Wi-Fi Networks page as long as a Subscriber ID has been created with an associated e-mail. 

How to give your subscriber permission to manage their own network 

  1. During the initial setup process, after adding the Vilo to your ISP account followed by seeing the "Success!" page, you will be asked to choose a Subscriber ID for the network. This is only required if you need to associate the network with a subscriber. If not, you can click the "Continue Without Subscriber Info" button to move forward.
  2. In the optional "Email Address" field, you can include the subscriber's e-mail. This does not automatically grant the subscriber permission to manage the network.
  3. During the initial setup, the only way to grant your subscribers permission to manage the network is by adding an email address to the e-mail field and clicking "Next" which will take you to the next page where you can toggle the "Allow Subscriber to Manage Network" button. Reminder: If no app account already exists with this email, the account will be automatically created and the subscriber will receive a temporary password for setup. If an app account already exists, they will receive an email notification notifying them the network is set up.


You can also grant a subscriber permission to manage the network via the portal. This can be done by clicking the pencil icon next to the Subscriber App Account field for the respective network on the Wi-Fi Networks page. Once the "Assign Subscriber App Account" window opens, you can choose the correct Subscriber. Reminder: The Subscriber has to be created on the Subscribers page first or they will not appear as an option. 


If a mistake was made when entering a subscriber's email address, you can make changes from the Subscribers page.

  • After locating the subscriber, click on the "edit" button to make any necessary changes. (This is not limited to the subscriber's email. You can edit all information associated with a subscriber.)

How to transfer network management to a technician

A network can be transferred to a technician as long as they are set up as a sub-user in the Vilo ISP Portal. This can be done by clicking the pencil icon next to the ISP App Account field for the respective network on the Wi-Fi Networks page. Once the "Transfer ISP App Account" page displays, you can update the ISP App Account to a different sub-user. For more detailed instructions, please view our training video series.

If you have other technicians who may also need to view networks within the app, the following workaround is suggested:

  1. You can create an email account with the sole purpose of being shared within your ISP so that everyone who is signed into this account in the app, can view and manage networks from the app, as well as the portal.
  2. In some scenarios, not everyone would need access to networks via the app, which is why we give the option of changing the ISP App Account to a different sub-user if necessary. 


Reminder: The ISP Owner will see all networks set up under the ISP's account no matter which technician is assigned to the ISP App Account. 

If the ISP Account is not on the list, you will need to add the account as a sub-user. You can find more information here

Things we do not recommend:

  • We do not suggest using the ISP Account and Subscriber App Account intertwined. For more information please view our training video series.

Reminder: You will only be able to manage the network from the ISP Web Portal as long as the Vilos have been scanned into the Vilo Inventory. 

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