How to Create Access Levels in the ISP Web Portal

Access levels allow admins to determine what features of the web portal sub-users are able to access. For example, you might want to deny access to "delete" networks, edit customer information or create another sub-user account. 

You must set up access levels first in order to create sub-user accounts. For more information on how to create sub-user accounts, see this article

How to Create Access Levels 

Log into your ISP Account on the Web Portal 

Under Settings go to "Access Levels"

Here you will see the option to add a new access level Access_Levels_-_Add.png


Next, you must name your access level, e.g. Technician Access_Level_-_Create_Access_Level_Type_.png


Then you can select which features this access level has permissions for. Once you've selected the desired permissions, click "Save."Access_Levels_-_Permissions_.png


You now have an access level that can be used to create a sub-user account. You can also edit the access level permissions at any time through the "Access Levels" page. Access_Levels_-_Manage_Access_Levels_.png

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