How To Enable Hardware NAT (Vilo ISP Portal & Vilo App)

You can enable or disable Hardware NAT on Vilo 6 in the Vilo ISP Portal or the Vilo App. Reminder: Hardware NAT can only be enabled/disabled on Vilo 6. 

What is Hardware NAT? 

The Hardware NAT is a way to accelerate NAT routing functions with hardware so that the CPU does not have to process the bulk of the routed traffic, which increases the max speed and improves the internet connection performance. However, this conflicts with the usage data provided by the Usage Report, which needs the CPU to process the traffic and calculate.  

How Does Hardware NAT Work With Vilo 6? 

The Hardware NAT is enabled by default, and the max speed will be around 900mbps with a wired connection, and around 800mbps with a wireless connection. 

  • The user can enable or disable Hardware NAT on Vilo 6 via the switch on the Other Settings page in the Vilo ISP Portal. In the Vilo App, this can be done on the Advanced Settings page.


Usage Reporting With Hardware NAT

When Hardware NAT is enabled, the Usage Report is disabled. 

  • If you want to enable the Usage Report feature, you will need to go to the Usage Report page on the Vilo ISP Portal (or the Vilo App after selecting the network and tapping on Usage Report). The Hardware NAT will be turned off automatically, while the max speed will also be impacted (drops to around 600mbps on a wireless connection). However, the max speed on the Main Vilo with a wired connection is still around 900mbps, even if the Usage Report is enabled.  

The Device's Real-Time Bandwidth Data With Hardware NAT

As previously mentioned, when Hardware NAT is enabled, the Usage Report is disabled.

  • If Hardware NAT is enabled, and you’d like to check the device’s real-time bandwidth data, please go to the Other Settings page in the Vilo ISP Portal to disable the Hardware NAT. In the Vilo app, you can do this from the Advanced Settings page by toggling off the switch for the Hardware NAT.  
  • Once Hardware NAT is disabled, you can enable the Usage Report.


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