Vilo For ISPs: Debugging

  1. If the customer encounters any issues while the network is still online, such as performance or connected device issues, please submit a log immediately before restarting or factory resetting the network. The ISP can remotely submit a firmware log via the portal, or if the subscriber has app access, they can submit a regular log through the app.  
  2. If the customer encounters issues when the network is offline, for example, network connectivity issues, sub-Vilo disconnects from the network. Please ask the subscriber to submit a local log via the app.
  3. If the customer encounters a setup issue and is unable to set up the Vilos, we need the customer to submit a log through the app and provide us with the error page for reference.  
  4. If the customer experiences difficulties or issues with submitting a log, please provide us with the Mac address of the problematic network, and we will enable a diagnostic log on the backend with the consent of the ISP to gather the necessary data for investigation. 
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