Why You Should Be Familiar with How to Separate Pre-Mesh (3- Packs or 2-Packs)

This guide will provide the best use cases for removing the pre-configured mesh from Vilos in the same package. Removing the pre-mesh will ensure that customers who live near each other will not encounter conflict due to their Vilos automatically meshing, ensuring each home has its own, secure Vilo network.  

How can this be used to help customers? 

Vilo 3-packs are pre-configured to mesh out of the box automatically. After installing the main router, the second and third routers will automatically connect to the network. This can present a challenge to ISPs who are splitting 3-packs or 2-packs to use as individual routers within proximity, such as in multi-dwelling units or neighboring houses. Removing the pre-configured mesh will prevent this from being an issue. 

How to separate the pre-configured mesh for 3-packs or 2-packs

There are two scenarios in which this can be done 

Scenario 1: If the Vilo 3-pack has already been scanned and associated with the ISP Web Portal:  

Go to the ISP Web Portal > click the Vilo Inventory page > find the "Separate pre-configured mesh" column > navigate to the Vilo you want to separate from the mesh configuration > click the "Separate" button to remove this Vilo from its pre-mesh configuration. 


Scenario 2: If the Vilo 3-pack or 2-pack has not been scanned into the inventory of the ISP Web Portal, there are two options: 

Option 1 - Scan the Vilo via the app by going to Account -> Scan Vilos. This will associate it with the ISP Web Portal.  Once the Vilos have been scanned, follow the process outlined in Scenario 1, where you will separate the mesh configuration via the ISP Portal.  

Option 2 - You can click the “Separate” button after scanning the Vilo in the app: Go to Account -> Scan Vilos, after successfully scanning the Vilo, you will see the “Separate” button that you can click on. Next, go through the setup process for this Vilo, and upgrade to the latest firmware. This Vilo 3-pack or 2-pack will have its pre-mesh configuration automatically removed.  



Things to remember:  

  • Vilos do not need to be plugged in and set up to separate the pre-configured mesh. 
  • The “Separate” button is only available for 3-pack or 2-pack Vilos that are configured with pre-mesh. 
  • You will be alerted that the firmware version must be on v.181 or higher; if not, you will need to do a firmware upgrade before separating the meshed units. 
  • As soon as the firmware is updated to the latest version, this Vilo will be removed from the pre-mesh without needing to click the “Separate” button again. 
  • The “Separate” button can be clicked before or after setting up the Vilo network. 
  • If you click the “Separate” button and go through the process, this operation is irrevocable, meaning that the pre-mesh configuration is permanently removed and cannot be reinstated. The working network will be broken, the Sub-Vilos will go offline and the indicator light will change to blinking red. To add the Vilos to the existing network, you will have to perform a hard reset (on each Sub-Vilo) and select "From A Different Package" on the "Add Another Vilo" page.

Removing the pre-configured mesh will allow you to split a three-pack between multiple customers without the fear of their routers meshing; preventing unnecessary frustration for you and your customers.  

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