How To Enable/Disable ICMP Ping From the Vilo ISP Portal

ICMP is a network-level protocol that utilizes messages to convey details about network connectivity problems directly to the source of the compromised transmission. This protocol dispatches control messages like destination network unreachable, source route failed and source quench. ICMP uses a data packet structure with an 8-byte header and variable size-data section.

ICMP (Ping)

ICMP (Ping) is used by a device like a router to communicate with the source of a data packet. A ping is a Command Prompt command that can be utilized to test a connection between one computer and another. This can be very beneficial for businesses as it allows for direct communication in the workplace. Ping utilizes ICMP messages to communicate data on network connectivity and the speed of information relay between a host and a destination pc.

How can this help you and your customers?

Technicians can use this feature to help troubleshoot network connectivity issues by pinging the router, as well as reporting network errors. 

Security Concerns

ICMP could be an attack vector for a network. A ping scan or sweep assists an attacker in noticing systems to target for planned attacks in the future. 

How to enable/disable ICMP/Ping in the Vilo ISP Portal

Please make sure Vilo 5 and Vilo 6 are both upgraded to the latest firmware.

ICMP/Ping in the Vilo ISP Portal gives you the option to enable or disable ping on the WAN interface. This is enabled by default, however, if you need to disable it, you can do so using the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Vilo ISP Portal: and confirm that you are on or higher for Vilo 5 and or higher for Vilo 6.
  2. Select “View” for the Vilo network and go to the “Other Settings” tab.
  3. You will see the ICMP/Ping setting along with a toggle button.
  4. You can ping the WAN IP address as long as the feature is toggled on.
  5. If you would like to disable ICMP/Ping, please toggle the button off/ This will disable ICMP/Ping, preventing you from pinging the WAN IP.   

Reminder: This is only for controlling ICMP/Ping on the WAN interface.

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